hoffa gud tay?!

..'hoffa gud tay', many great quotes were made famous by Calvin. He's jumping out of the box above. Maybe you know him?

I want to inspire people to jump out of the box and explore new ways and products.

We operate from Aarau, Switzerland.  

Edwin Kiewiet
CEO Partner Founder

I am born Dutch in the middle of nowhere in the province Groningen. Country side, fantastic horizons. People are down-to-earth, always a breeze. I love to be there. How things go, I made a side-step to Switzerland in 2001. Beautiful mountains, great friends, kids and swiss family. In 2019 I decided to integrate both worlds. Switzerland and the Netherlands is a perfect fit, for me. In many ways.
The result is this small enterprise. Its mission gives me a lot of good spirit and energy.

The story of hoffa gud tay?

re-define what's cool here
colour outside the lines there

Be here. Be there.
Speak up. Stand up.  

In the end of the day, we need to change some things.

I think, time is up.

I am on LinkedIn, if you are in need of more background.

hoffa gud tay   

Make every day a gud tay!